Monday, December 6, 2010

Shooting a Bar Mitzvah

Recently I had the chance to shoot the celebration of a Bar Mitzvah of a very nice and energetic family.  I had a lot of fun and was exhausted at day's end.  Sometime during the course of the evening, when I had a chance to sit down and rest my feet for a few minutes, I looked around the room and thought to myself:  "What a fun way to make money!"

I have reflected on why I enjoyed this celebration so much more than the first wedding I shot two summers ago and here are a few reasons why:
1.  This family was very well organized, I had received a seating chart and course of events a week before the event.
2.  They communicated clearly with me about what the event would be like and what their expectations were.
3.  I knew exactly where and when I had to arrive at the synagogue and the venue for the party.  (I know that this sounds like something so ordinary to tell your photographer, but you would be surprised.)
4.  My questions about the event were answered almost before I had a chance to think of them.
5.  This family and their friends knew how to party and make the folks who worked the event feel welcome (i.e. the photographer and the DJ)  and part of the group, so shooting while working my way around the room was easy and comfortable.

That said, if you are planning an event such as a Wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, a Quinceañera, or a sweet sixteen party, please consider that the folks helping you succeed to make the party and the memories thereof great fun, are just people and need to be treated with consideration and courtesy.  Clear communication about what is expected from your photographer is key, the better prepared you are the clearer you can give directions before the event and help make it a success.

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reading the Tora

playing a game

more games

up high

dancing the night away

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