Tuesday, August 27, 2013

shooting a wedding

I recently shot this wedding with a lovely couple and a great group of friends and family.
Please browse the pictures as I go through and talk a bit on how we made sure that the day went smoothly and successfully produced wonderful pictures the couple will be able to treasure for years to come. 
Bride and groom got ready in two different locations a fair distance apart on the grounds of the venue.
While I stayed with the bride and her maids, my second shooter joined the groom and his men.

from the bridal shoot two weeks before the wedding
from the bridal shoot two weeks before the wedding

I captured many special moments , goofy/fun ones, special ones like when daddy saw his daughter as a bride for the first time:

......and sweet moments like the one below with the flower girl.
during the ceremony one of us was stationed to one side of the proceedings and one on the other while we both had room to move around for different views

The ceremony was supposed to take place outdoors, but it poured buckets until 30 minutes before the ceremony, so it was too wet to do this.

to make up for the disappointment my bride felt, we went outside after the main event to get all the bridal party and family shots in the spot it was supposed to have taken place if the weather had cooperated.  I had a happy couple and we had a chance to get some different views.

                                                            and still have some fun:)......
                                                            use natural light for close-ups.......
                                      .................and more sweet shots.

 After the cake cutting, dinner and some family time with guests etc, I stole my happy couple away again to get some special shots without letting people wait on them.  The sun was about to set, but since it was still a bit cloudy, we had some interesting evening skies to work with.

As it turned out, the wacky weather actually worked in our favor for the specials and with being able to re-create some of the things from the ceremony outside, my bride was happy:)

All in all, a successful day with lots of great shots.

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