Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fort Frederick

Last weekend my hubby and I went to Fort Frederick in Big Pool MD. This is a fort that was built shortly before the French/Indian war and was used during that time. Later it became a prison camp during the revolution. Last weekend the fort welcomed re-enacters of the french/Indian war time period. A French officer camp, a canadian camp and vendors were set up and were very friendly. They told us about how they had hunted and cooked a wild turkey the night before and what projects they were working on. It was very hot that day, at least for Maryland, with temperatures in the upper 90's which made us grateful that we did not have to wear wool as the re-enacters did. It seemed that they were hot even if they were lucky enough to wear linen shirts.
The pictures I am adding to this blog are of the two encampments and the interior of the fort. I also shot a mock battle, but will post those images later with another blog. I have not edited them yet:) for additional photographs go to my website as I can not add them all here:)

Since my hubby and I had been to Gettysburg last, this was a nice shift in time and made you realize that some things really did not change that much in about 120 years:) The women's clothing was the most obvious change and the military garb of the day was more primitive in the day of the french/indian war as well. Camping and cooking, however did not seem to have made progress:)

Please peruse the photographs and let me know what you think:)

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