Monday, September 20, 2010

Pre-Photo shoot Consultation

During the booking of a glamor shoot, your photographer will set up a time for a pre-shoot consultation.  This consultation has several purposes, but the main objective for you should be to explain what you want to see when you receive the proofs of your pictures.  You need to communicate your expectations very clearly, this will ensure that your photographer understands what it is you wish to accomplish and that the shoot will run smoothly for both of you.

For example:  You want to surprise your significant other with a glamorous photograph for your anniversary.  You should write a few things down and take them with you to the consultation.  Your photographer may have a check list as well, but it never hurts to be prepared.

a.  How sexy do you want to be?
b.  Lingerie or evening wear?
c.  All pictures in color or some in black and white?
d.  Is there a style you would like to copy or appropriate?
e.  Full body or head shots?
f.  Do you have certain poses in mind?

These are a few examples to draw from.  It would not hurt to ask some of these questions when booking a family session.  It is always better to go in prepared for the best possible pictures.

One of my clients who wanted a special picture for her husband for Christmas.
We discussed details and she was very happy with the outcome.
This shoot with a local rapper was set in an old industrial building, shot with just one light.  
We discussed the rugged setting and what he wanted to portray to his audience.  

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